Question and Answer Mini-Story #1 – Joe Goes To China – Learn English

Do you want to learn how to speak in English? Then you can use a question and answer mini-story.

Most students only repeat what they hear and sound like parrots when they talk.

But when you listen to the questions and answer in your own words…you learn to understand what you hear and form your own answers to speak.

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You can watch the question and answer mini-story on Youtube if you don’t see the player above.

And if you want to hear the story without the questions…you can listen to it in the Joe Goes To China mini-story here.

Here are some comments students left on the video. You can leave your feedback and questions in the comments below.

“I like more these lessons because the questions and answers appear soon after statements and then give me opportunity for trying to answer and compare them with your answers. Thanks!” – Marcelo Herzog de Luna Alencar

“Hahaha! What a wonderful funny story with the great teacher. I kept laughing alone while reading. This helps me a lot. It helps me improve my grammar, pronunciation intonation and listening skills. Thank you so much, Sir Bailey. Hope you can make more stories with Question and Answer like this. God bless!” – Tess923100able

I hope you enjoy the question and answer mini-story for Joe Goes To China.

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