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"Learned More With You!"

"I am really impressed with your method of teaching, because I have already learned a lot with you...much more than with my current English teacher!"

- Willames

From: David A. Bailey, Jr
Date: Moday 5:51 p.m

If you've been looking for an easier way to learn to speak English fluently and automatically like a native speaker, this very short letter is going to be arevelation.


Because chances are it's NOT your skills or abilities that are holding you back. If you already learned to speak your native language…you can learn as many other languages as you want to…

So why beat your head against the wall?

Let me share some fun and entertaining resources that that will allow you to easily acquire the language so you can side-step the burden of all that work!

There's a simpler way... and even if you are too busy to study at school or can't afford a private tutor, it will work for you. All you have to do is follow the bouncing ball.

In fact, ask any world-class English teacher, and they will tell you that listening to the language a lot is the key to your success…because what goes into your brain is what will come out.

That means you don't have to study boring verb lists or mind-numbing grammar rules, you just need the right resources to focus on three key areas.

It's your ace in the hole.

Want proof?

"Language acquisition does not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill." Stephen Krashen

So why not wave the magic wand and make it drop-dead simple?

I'm David A. Bailey, Jr…but you can just call me 'Dave'. I've been teaching English for the past decade…helping thousands of English students like you online and off.

Here's what some of them have to say...

"Talk With Native Speakers"

"David! Your classes and workbooks have helped me understand and talk with native speakers."

- Leda Casarin, Milton Keynes – UK

"So Much Easier To Learn"

"The way you explain things is so much easier to learn. I don't know how you do it, bu what you explain things everything seems so much clearer and easier to understand. Thank you! You have two students here in my home."

- Ana Paula , Boston – USA

Here's your ultimate resource speaking English fluently and automatically… without having to think in your mother-tongue.

When you access the elite member's area…you'll get:

  • Quick and easy lessons you can listen to in quick, short bursts whenever it's convenient for you. (No long, drawn-out lessons that bore you to tears and suck up your time)
  • Complete English materials with audio, video, and text…so you can assimilate the language in whatever format you prefer. (Set yourself free once and for all).
  • Each of the lessons is recorded by native speakers so you improve your pronunciation as you mimick what you hear with these instant lessons.
  • The resources are ALL online in the member's area for immediate access -- no matter where you are in the world -- even if it's 2:15 in the morning. (Which means no waiting for books and CDs in the mail either.)
  • 3 extremely effective tools that break each aspect of the language down for you -- literally forcing you to speak naturally and smoothly. (Watch your inhibitions melt away before your eyes)
  • Let me take you by the hand and show you exactly what to study each day and when to study it for maximum efficiency. (You will never feel lost or get overwhelmed with your material again.)
  • And much, much more…

Here's What You Get…

Just click on the bottom of the page…. And you'll have instant access to all this each week:

  • Mini-Stories Series - You get a complete episode each month with four powerful stories (one per week)…to assimilate the new vocabulary, sentence structures, and pronunciations easily and efficiently with videos, audios, and text files. - (Value $40.00)
  • Q&A Mini-Story - You get each of the four mini-stories with questions to answer out loud that will force you to think in English and practice what you are learning…plus they come with answers just in case you don't know how to answer the questions - (Value $40.00)
  • POV Mini-Story – You also get each of the four mini-stories told in a different point of view. That way you can learn how to tell a story from many different perspectives like the first, second, and third person singular and plural. - (Value $40.00)
  • Grammar Mini-Story - And you will also get each of the mini-stories told in different grammar tenses so that you learn to tell the stories in each of the major tenses in the past, present, and future. - (Value $40.00)

Plus You Also Get EXTRA Lessons With The Mini-Stories…To Make Sure You Really Get The MOST Out Of Them

  • Vocabulary Lessons - You are also going to assimilate seven new words in each of the first three stories…and the final episode will be time for you to review what you learned. In each vocabulary lesson you will learn what these seven words mean…and hear sample sentences with the words in use. That way when you hear the story…you will understand exactly what they mean when you hear them in English. - (Value $30.00)
  • Structure Lessons – Each of the mini-stories throughout the episode will focus on one major grammar structure so you can assimilate it implicitly as you watch the videos and listen to the audios. In the structure lesson…you will learn the main points of how these structures are formed and how to use them correctly so you can speak more proficiently. - (Value $30.00)
  • Pronunciation Lessons – In each story pack we will focus on one major sound in English…to help you improve your pronunciation. In each of these pronunciation lessons…you will listen, mimic, and practice these sounds. - (Value $30.00)
  • Idioms & Expression Lessons - You will also assimilate new idioms, expressions, slang, and phrasal verbs in these stories. Each lesson will focus on one major expression in the language -- with lots of examples from real-life -- so that you can express yourself naturally in the language. - (Value $30.00)

These are the same amazing resources I have used to help hundreds of students learn English. Not just by me, but also by the other teachers I've shared these resources with.

But it takes a lot of time to create a one complete class with all of these lessons and stories with all the audios, videos, texts, exercises, and tests…plus the bonuses I provide.

Look, you could hire a native teacher to come up with lessons like these for you for an expensive hourly fee like some of my students want me to provide them with.

But the truth is, I've been turning students down for over a year…because I just don't have time to teach them all.

So, I decided to leverage the lessons I already teach my own clients…so more English students like you can benefit from them no matter where you live or what your schedule is like.

And you can get it for a fraction of my regular fee.

In fact, my clients pay more for an hour of my time…than what you can get here for a FULL MONTH worth of materials and resources in my brand-new, member's only club.

And of course it's guaranteed…

Try out the EXLenglish Member's Only Club. Put these proven principles to the task. You'll increase your vocabulary…master more sentence structures…and improve your pronunciation. Just let me know by email in the next 30 days – and I'll cheerfully send you 100% of your investment back.

If the EXLenglish Member's Only Club doesn't help you start speaking English fluently and automatically – YOU PAY NOTHING!

And To Make Sure You Master The English Language

Just to make sure you really have everything you need to learn to speak English proficiently in as little time as possible…I am also going to throw in 7 more bonuses…absolutely FREE if you sign up right now!

  • Bonus 1: Vocabulary Worksheets – You also get extra worksheet to accompany each vocab lesson…which means you can keep track of the meanings of these words and allow you to create your own phrases (It's like having your own personalized dictionary) - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 2: Grammar Worksheets - You also get a grammar worksheet to accompany each of the structure lessons. I know most students hate doing grammar exercises…but there are always one or two that are going to complain if I don't add this resource in to make it complete. (Psss…just skip them if you don't like grammar exercises – I won't tell anyone.) - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 3: Lesson Dialogues – Hey! You better believe we have you covered with everything you need to learn English. That's why you get a dialogue with every story as well. This is a dialogue that takes place in the story so you hear what people would say in these situations. - (Value $40.00)
  • Bonus 4: Daily Checklist - A daily learning checklist that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to study and when to study it for maximum efficiency. - (Value $10.00)
  • Bonus 5: Audio Exercise #1 To Stop Stumbling – If you aren't used to speaking much in English…these exercises will literally force you to speak as we break each mini-story down phrase by phrase. - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 6: Audio Exercise #2 To Develop Fluency - Do you feel afraid of speaking in public? Don't worry! These exercises will help you develop your fluency and overcome your inhibitions. - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 7: Audio Exercise #3 Is A Mystery Exercise – You will also get a third exercise each week to help you increase your fluency…but these will vary to help you focus on different areas. - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 8: Mystery Bonus – You will also receive an extra bonus MYSTERY module to practice the vocabulary, structures, and sounds you are.learning in a fun and exciting manner. This is one module I get the most requests for from all my students. And you get it FREE with your membership when you join today! - (Value $50.00)

Add this unique bonus material together and you get $480.00 in value for a very small access fee

But Wait…There's Still More!

Look! I really want to help you learn the language and track your progress…and also ethically 'bribe' you into trying out our membership NOW!

So, if you join our Member's Only Club today…I am going to add 3 more bonuses to your membership account…absolutely FREE

  • Bonus 1: Test For Evaluation – Ever feel frustrated because you don't know how to test your skills and evaluate your progress? You get a FREE test each month once you complete all four episodes in the story series. - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 2: Teacher's Key – You will also receive the teacher's key for the test…as well as for each of the vocabulary and grammar exercises with each story. - (Value $20.00)
  • Bonus 3: Certificate of Completion – I know you will want a certificate to show off your developing skills to your friends and family. So, after successfully completing twelve units you can send us your tests for evaluation to receive your certificate. - (Value $10.00)

So, add in these extra, time-limited bonus material together as well and you now you get $530.00 in value for a very small access fee

This isn't the same old recycled junk you see on the net everyday. There's never been anything like it. And you can find out for yourself… risk free!

'My Crazy 100% Total Satisfaction Or Your Money Back -- GUARANTEED'

I’m never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here’s my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try the EXLenglish Member’s Only Club today for a month and put every story and lesson through the ringer. Watch all the videos, listen to the audios, read the texts, do the exercises, enjoy the bonues, watch the classes, and see what it can do for you.

You be the judge. If this program doesn’t deliver everything I’ve promised, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I’ll cheerfully give you an immediate refund. 

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I’ve personally applied many of these strategies and techniques myself…and I’ve used them on my students here…so I know they work. Fair enough?

If you want all of the bonuses have to be quick because we only have a limited amount of seats available on our servers for the live classes.

"So You Gotta Hurry Because...
Spots Are Limited On A First-Come, First-Served Basis And...
I Do Plan On Raising The Price Soon"

We are trying to keep the price as low as possible right now as we launch this site. But I already hired on two extra teachers to help me run this new Members-Only Club.

If we get lots of new members we may have to close down subscriptions until we can hire on more help. And hiring more teachers also means we would have to raise the price too.

"Five Good Reasons To Join Today"

  • Reason Number One: We have a limited number of available on our servers for the live classes.So, once we hit our limit...we will close the doors to support to our current students.
  • Reason Number Two: Reason Number Two:You will receive several bonuses for taking action now...that will be removed from the offer soon. However you get them all FREE if you grab them today.
  • Reason Number Three: I also have a mystery bonus for the next 20 students who are ready to take action right now!
  • Reason Number Four: is totally online...and you get instant and immediate access right away.
  • Reason Number Five: We are keeping the price as low as possible during this launch...but do plan on raising it very soon.

Claim Your Copy Now!

YES! David, I want to access the Members-Only Club to download all the stories and lesson RIGHT NOW!

  • I understand I will receive immediate acecess to Mini-Stories, Q&A Mini-Stories,POV Mini-Stories, & the Grammar Mini-Stories to help me improve my English skills quickly and efficiently (Total Retail Value - $160.00)
  • I will also receive the Vocabulary Lessons, Structure Lessons, Pronunciation Lessons, and the Idioms & Expression Lessons to get me started and up and running a.s.a.p. (Total Retail Value - $120.00)
  • I will also receive the Vocabulary Worksheets, Grammar Worksheets, Lesson Dialogues, the Daily Checklist, 3 Extra Audio Exercises, and the Mystery Bonus to help me begin speaking fluently and automatically. (Total Retail Value - $200.00)
  • I will also receive the Evaluation Tests each month to evaluate my well as the Teacher Key for all the exercises. And I will receive a certificat when I successfully complet twelve modules. (Total Retail Value - $50.00)
  • I also understand that the FREE bonuses that I download are mine to keep even if I return the system for a full refund.

Join The Club



Questions? Email us at

And Remember...
You Do Not Risk A Penny

If you do request a refund during your RISK-FREE PERIOD, you will have seen ALL these secrets for FREE. That's how confident I am of this stuff. I think you're gonna flip over what you discover. I think it's gonna change your life...overnight.

You've may have already spent lots of money on books, cds, dvds, software, courses, and tutors already. Why not float just a few dollars more for these simple -- yet powerful -- English lessons that will increase your efficiency...and help you speak fluently and automatically?

So, reserve your spot in the EXLenglish Members-Only Club right now while you're thinking about it. I don't care if you're just getting started and thinking about learning English...or if you are halfway through your language course and just want to speed up your learning. It doesn't matter. Just put these stories to work for you. It really is that simple.

Best Regards,

David A. Bailey, Jr

P.S. So, here's the deal. This is a drop-dead bargain. Sure, you could hire someone to create all these private lessons for $670.00 each month. But why do that, when you can get the exact same lessons I've already created for my students...right now - for a fraction of the cost.

P.P.S. Remember that we only have a very limited number of seats in our LIVE join now before someon takes your spot!

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P.S. Why wouldn't you give EXLenglish Member's Only Club a try? It's risk-free and if you don't "get it" just ask for that cheerful refund. But once you absorb the info…and put these stories and lessons to work… it's like installing English in your brain…

"Money Well-Spent"

"I appreciate your initiative to teach online, I have already bought some of your material and it was money well spent.  Congratulations."

- Sandro Marcelo Santos, Mogi Mirim SP

"Spoken More And Understood More"

"I am very satisfied with the I have practiced the English course that you teach, for I have spoken more and understood more...not to mention that what I learn I retain in my memory.  The interaction in a language course is something very important and you have done this together with this your team David. Your work is very good."

- Pr Albino Ferreira , Portugal

"They Are Enlightening"

"I did not like past courses because I learned nothing.  Today I am learning, reading, doing exercises and watching videos like teacher David´s, for they are more enlightening."

- Cláudia de Sousa Santos Santana

As soon as you sign-up you can log-in instantly at and acess the Club Content to start improving your English today.

You can follow-along with your 'Daily Checklist' to watch all of the videos and listen to the audios on the well as follow along with all the written material.

And you can even download the videos and audios to your computer if you long as you can play FLV and MP3 files on your computer.

Fresh, new mini-stories and lessons will be added to your Daily Checklist each day as long as you continue on as a member...and you cancel anytime you like.

So, go ahead and click on the big orange button to sign up for instant access to the EXLenglish Member's Only Club.

Then get ready for the ride!

Check These Reviews

I Learned More!

"I am really impressed with your method of teaching, because I have already learned a lot with you, more than with my English teacher, a big hug."

- Willames , São Paulo

Demystify English!

"You have been able to demystify teaching English.  Thank you very much."

- Marcos Bezerra, Montanhas RN

English Wizard!

"Teacher David is indeed the English wizard.  He surprises us at how easy it is to learn English."

- Marcelo Winther, São Paulo

So Easy!

"These classes are so easy to understand. And now with David, I am already taking off in the language because I never thought I would speak this language.  I even play around with some phrases.  God bless you."

- Luiz, Paraná

Perfect Techniques

"Your techniques in my opinion are perfect for teaching..."

- Cintia Aquino, Caçapava SP

Not Like Others

"David, I think you are indeed sincere and want to really help people with their objectives. You are not like other courses around that only waste your money and time.  Thanks David, you are the greatest."

- Jorge Manuel , Coimbra

No Run Around

"Wow! Honestly, I don’t have words to express the way David has opened my eyes to the possibilities of learning English at home and without the ‘run around’ from ‘normal’ English courses."

- André, Rio de Janeiro

Rapidly Evolved

"Hi David, I really like your video-classes and I have learned a lot since I started studying your techniques last year.  I have evolved as rapidly as possible, for I have followed all the rules taught by you in your videos."

- Felipe Cachoeiras , de Macau/Rio de Janeiro

Excellent Method

"Cool method, beautiful ideas and excellent classes."

- Paulo Sacramento, Rio de Janeiro

Ideal Course

"David, I liked your videos, for they are what I think an ideal English course should be.  Every day subjects and phrases that we can apply to chosen topics.  Thanks for the tips.  Thanks!!!!"

- Silvia Mattos, São Jose dos Campos, SP


"Hey David. I have learned a lot from your videos.  You explain things in a way that are uncomplicated, and this is very important.  A big hug."

- Lucia, Pará

Removed Doubts!

"The classes are of great help, they have already helped me several times when in a pinch, when there was no one to take away my doubts."

- Tarsila, Imperatriz, MA

Goals Reached!

"Thanks to David, I was able to meet my goal which was to finish my English course without feeling guilty.

No matter how much I tired studying and dedicating myself to learn, it seemed like my dedication did not have any effect.

With the videos and the material I got from David, I was able to overcome the obstacles.  And now I have learned a little more each day.  Thank you very much."

- Mayumi Nakamura , São Paulo

Opened My Eyes!

"Thanks to David´s help I have opened my eyes to the right way to learn English. And thanks to his tips and his team, I have been able to evolve in my learning skills at a great pace.  Thank you very much David."

- Márcio Marx, Fortaleza – CE

Very Useful!

"Great job! Very useful and accessible. Congratulations!"

- Alfredo Rio , Grande RS

Eliminate Doubts!

"I would like to say thanks, for you have helped me eliminate my doubts and correct my errors.

The videos are great and very enlightening. Congratulations and thanks.  Kisses."

- Marcia Goiânia, GO Brasil

You Are Good!

"I did not like to study English in school because the teachers did not have enough experience to give class… but you are very good!"

- Eliane Panuci, Brazilian living in England.

More Enlightening!

"I did not like courses in the past because I learned nothing.  Today I am learning reading, doing exercises and watching teacher David´s videos, for they are more enlightening."

- Cláudia de Sousa, Santos Santana

Still Developing!

"I started doing the course online and have evolved from last year until now, and am still developing."

- Felipe Rio de Janeiro, Cachoeiras de Macacu, Castália

I Love It!

"David, you are simply the greatest, you are one of the only people who was able to get my attention and awaken in me the desire to really learn English…even though I needed it a lot.

I was not able to take time out to study because I thought it was too repetitive and boring, but with you it looks so easy and I am very enthusiastic.

I love each class, each hint, each email that you send because besides being an excellent -- a very excellent teacher you are still very attentive in all your emails.  Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!!!"

- Ana Paula , Boston, USA

Excellent Teacher!

"David, you are an excellent teacher and a special person because you look to share knowledge with all who are interested.

Even my 8 year old son watches your videos….Thank you very much!!! "

- Bianca Angra, RJ


"Better then taking a good course is taking a course that gets results.

David, each day I learn more from your teachings and it is thanks to you that I can feel my evolution in the English language.  Thanks."

- Diego Zanini , São Paulo, SP

True Learning!

"Hi, David you are an excellent teacher, and a true and simple person, who doesn’t worry only about yourself, but with all the people, making your teaching method a true way of learning, you have helped me a lot.  Thank you."

- Adriana , San Francisco, CA

Strength Renewed!

"When I was starting an English course here in my city, I started to think that it would almost be impossible to learn. With only the few classes I had and lots of new information that started appearing, I found myself incapable of learning everything.

But when, by God I found David, my strength  was renewed.  He made me realize that it is possible and that we are capable. He teaches us in a way that is easy to learn, and the seven-headed monster was beheaded.

May God continue to bless you. May you continue being the channel to teach people your language.  GOD BLESS U!"

- Fernanda Rosa , Campos – RJ