The P.L.A.N.E. English Method Downloads

Hey! Welcome to the P.L.A.N.E. English Method. Thanks for joining us. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to help you improve your English language skills. I’ve organized all of the P.LA.N.E. English material for you below so that you can access everything quickly and easily from one convenient location. The P.L.A.N.E. English Report The […]

How To Learn English Podcast #1 – P.L.A.N.E. English Method

Alright…all you English lovers and mavens! It’s time to rock out with the P.L.A.N.E. English Method with our first English learning podcast on How To Learn English. Tell us what you think by leaving your feedback in the comments below. [display_podcast] You can watch the How To Learn English Video here and download and print […]

Download PDF – P.L.A.N.E. English Method

Go ahead and download the PDF of the P.L.A.N.E. English Method below to print off and read at your convenience. You may have read the ‘how to learn English‘ post which was just a summary. Now, you have access to the full report below. Your feedback is very important to us. So, when you finish reading…please […]

How Can We Learn English? – 60 Awesome Resource Links To Learn The English Language Online

So many students ask me, “How can we learn English and practice the language online?’ So, I decided to add this bonus report where you discover 60 different places to learn and practice your English. You can add your own language learning resource links in the comments below to help other English students as well. […]

Speaking English Course – How To Classify & Organize Your English Lessons And Resources

If you are serious about speaking English fluently and proficiently…then you probably aren’t content with being spoon-fed from a single speaking English course. You probably have a lot of material from different English courses…and ESL resources that you download from different sites like the speaking lessons here on EXLenlgish. So, I created a short guide […]

P.L.A.N.E. English Worksheet #2 – Reverse Planning Guide

Alright! By now, you should have completed the ‘Goal Clarification Guide‘ and are ready for the next step. So, now it’s time to create your English learning plan. Go ahead and download the document below. Then print it off so you can fill it out and create your personalized plan for reaching your ultimate objective. […]

P.L.A.N.E. English Worksheet #1 – Goal Clarification Guide (PDF Download)

You probably know that to be successful…you need a good plan. And, if you read my post on ‘How To Create The Perfect English Learning Plan’…you know that the first thing you need to do is decide where you want to end up. See, most English students just do whatever they see other students doing. […]