How Do You Speak English – Podcast #3

This is podcast number 3 and we’re answer the question ‘how do you speak English’ that lots of ESL students are asking. So, listen in as we share the 3 step formula for speaking in English. And you’ll discover how learning English is a lot like learning to sing a new song. [display_podcast] You can […]

How Do You Speak English? Speaking Exercises To Improve Your English

This video answers the question: “How do you speak English?”…where I’ll share a series of audio exercises you can use to improve your speaking skills. Practice these English exercises as part of your Daily Praxis to speak spoken English fluently and proficiently. Download and print off the English Exercise Model Worksheet Watch How Do You Speak English […]

How Do You Speak English?

Today I want to teach you 3 distinct phases of learning to speak English like a maven. See, a lot of students have been asking me, “How do you speak English?” And I understand where they are coming from. Learning to speak spoken English can seem like a really difficult to the beginning English student. […]