How To Learn New Words In English And Develop Your Vocabulary

Do you have trouble understanding what you hear or expressing yourself to speak? Most students try to practice more…but what you really need is learn more vocabulary words. I discovered this when I learned Portuguese and French. So, I recorded this series of videos to explain my 5 step V.O.C.A.B. learning system. I had a […]

How To Speak English Confidently?

Today’s question is from Minh Hue in Vietnam who wants to know how to gain confidence to speak English. I am not confident to speak English. I need to speak English for my job. – Minh Hue Now, I know that this is a common problem that many English students are facing. I see English […]

Hey! Can You Help Me Please?

I had a bad fight with my wife today…and I think it may help your English… Read my message and tell me what you think I should do…it’s kind of long, but I think you might be able to help me… And besides I have a big confession to make…so, let’s get started so I […]