The Daily Battle To Learn English – Junior Shares Common Struggles English Students Face

Do you ever struggle to learn English? I heard Junior talking with another student who was frustrated with his English learning and development. So, I asked him to share these tips with you. So, if you feel frustrated and want to quit learning English sometimes…then this video may help you too.

Listen as Junior talks about the daily battle to learn English and improve your speaking skills just like he was telling another English student.

1. Everything in English: You know that moment when you’re studying in English and you don’t understand anything and it’s extremely frustrating.

2. Insecurity: That moment when you know what you want to say or the answer to the teacher’s question…but you are afraid to answer. What if I’m wrong? What if everyone laughs at me.

3. Anxiety: That moment when you learn a new vocabulary word and are anxious to use it…it’s on the tip of your tongue but you don’t have the opportunity to use it. It’s such a joy to learn a new English vocabulary word and be able to use it.

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