TOEFL Test Tips – Junior Talking About The TOEFL Test He Just Took And How To Study

“Dude, the TOEFL test was so hard”, he said. What happened, Junior?” I asked.

“I went to bed really late, so I didn’t sleep much. Then I drank too much water.” Junior answered.

I snickered at the thought of Junior agonizing during the exam time, even though I knew my momma wouldn’t approve.

Junior just took the TOEFL test and is ready to answer your questions in our next video. So, leave a question for him about the TOEFL in the comments below. Meantime watch the video above while he talks about the test he took.

“Let’s tell our ESL students that you took the TOEFL test today and see if they have any questions. Then we’ll answer the questions in another video.” I argued.

“No, I’m exhausted and not even dressed up. Look, I’m in my flip-flops.” He replied.

“It’s okay. Nobody is gonna see your toes, man.” I laughed.

I knew Junior could give you some amazing tips about the TOEFL test and exams in general like:

  • What materials you should study
  • What are the questions types on the TOEFL

“Okay.” Junior said…as I hit the record button. Then he proceeded to give us all kinds of amazing advice about the TOEFL test  and how to improve your vocabulary.

“So, go ahead and give us two or three tips for people who want to prepare for the TOEFL.” I said.

Listen to the video as he talks about different aspects of the TOEFL exam like:

  • Focus on learning key TOEFL vocabulary
  • How can help you prepare for the TOEFL
  • Kinds of exercises to prepare for the TOEFL
  • Ask your ESL teacher to help you create exercises specifically for the exam
  • How to create your own exercises for TOEFL
  • How EFL teachers can create easily create vocabulary exercises for students 6:20
  • How even native speakers learn new vocabulary on the site
  • Fun and free resource to help you learn vocabulary for the TOEFL
  • The site is free but the iPhone app costs 2.99
  • Why vocabulary is so important for learning English and passing the TOEFL
  • How to speak in English even if you don’t know the exact word you want to say
  • Importance of describing words you are learning in English
  • Read a lot to prepare for the TOEFL
  • Tricky words that can trip you up on the exam like ‘greedy’ and ‘greasy’
  • Sample question Junior’s friend missed because of a simple preposition with the word ‘adhere’

So, this is just a practice video. Later we’ll record a better one with more tips.

So, make sure to leave your questions below so we can answer them for you in our next video.


  1. We’ll answer your questions about the TOEFL and learning English in our next video. So make sure to ask them in the comments below.

  2. I’m guessing it’s very helpful for your people to provide videos along with your blog content/notes to be able to *hear* language and promote interaction.

    On to Shackleton’s Adventure over at, Mr. David. Best wishes to ya.

  3. MYO MIN OO says:

    What should I do to to speak and write like native speakers , is it good enough to practise with TOFEL?

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