What’s Your New Year Resolution?

Let’s talk English! Did you set any New Year resolutions this year? In this video, we’ll talk about 5 common resolutions people set for the New Year. How about you? Did you set any goals or objectives for this year? Tell me what your New Years resolution was in the comments below!

Then I’ll tell you what my New Year’s resolution was for 2016 in this next video! I set a really big goal for myself…but I think it will be worth it. What do you think?

How do you talk about health and fitness in English? Discover 3 things that are necessary for living healthy and being happy. You’ll also learn 3 idiomatic expressions in English.

Now you know that you can’t build muscle without discipline and hard work. Right? Do you want to know how to go to the gym in an English speaking country? Learn these vocabulary words and discover what the major muscle groups are called in English.

And finally, how do you talk about running in English? We’ll keep talking about my New Year resolution for health and learn these vocabulary words about walking, running, and jogging…while you discover a neat method to get off your couch and run 5 kilometers in 9 weeks with this cool app.

So, let’ take a look at the PDF I provided for you to fill out below…

Download: What’s Your New Year Resolution [ESL Worksheet]

This is a worksheet you can fill out about your goals and objectives for this year. When you finish…summarize your answers and tell me abou them in the comments below.

Enjoy it and tell me what you thought of these short video lessons.

Did you like them? Do you want me to record more?

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